About Robert

Robert is the City Administrator for the City of Tyler in Minnesota. He currently lives in a house he purchased in the summer of 2009.

In his spare time Robert enjoys reading books and comics, playing video games, consuming as much music as he can handle watching movies and television. While he fancies himself a photographer and a writer of prose, he admits he doesn’t indulge those hobbies as often as he should.

He was born in Frankfurt Germany, the son of Rob and Karen, he grew up an Army brat until his father retired from active duty when young Robert was 11 years old.

Robert is the third of his kind, in that he is the third person in the line of his family to hold the name Robert. Making him the third. Thus the nickname “RJW3.”

Robert attended Southwest State University, graduating with a degree in Speech Communication: Public Relations. He attended Iowa City West High School and graduated from Benson High School in Minnesota.