Getting back into the swing of things

Over the last few days I’ve been cleaning up my home office. Since I moved into my house in 2009 this room has mainly served as the “catch-all” room, the place where things go when I have someone staying in my guest room. As a result, there is a lot of junk lying around.

This project has also pointed out to me the need for a new computer. My iPad has served as my primary computing device for a few years – it’s a lot easier to use on the sofa. But now, I’m starting to feel the age of my ol’ Mac mini. I’m working on saving up for a new computer but time is not on the side of this little beast.

I have been debating about the need to have a blog of late. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram serve me up pretty nicely. Since I left the world of journalism, my writing time has been pretty limited. I’ve decided, this blog does have a place in my world, I just need to get better at using it.

From here on out, I’m going to try to write at least one post a week. They might not have much of a point, much like this one, but I’m going to give it a shot. Just like cleaning up this disaster of a home office.